Night Sky In Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is one of the top ten National Parks in the US for the best stargazing. With light pollution being minimum to none, its no wonder! The night skies here are absolutely breathtaking, and something everyone should experience.

With the stars framing the famed hoodoos in one of the darkest night skies in the US, you will feel as if you are on mars! There are several night sky programs offered each week, where park astronomers can educate the public about the starry wonders above, with up to 50 telescopes for visitors to use. On very clear nights you can see up to 7500 stars! Here the Milky Way is so clear and perfect that it seems almost close enough to tough, not to mention the view of it resting among the red martian land that is Bryce Canyon. This is truly an experience for the books! Something that everyone should try!

This is a trip that is unforgettable as well as very educational. So if you’re ever given the chance to take a camping trip to Bryce Canyon and experience the star programs, we highly suggest it. Make sure to do research for the best times to visit and when programs are going if you are interested in learning from the astronomers.